Sunday 6 March 2016

50 Facts About Me!

Hi guys!

I hope you're all well?

Remember the good old days of Bebo and Myspace where you'd be tagged in endless questionnaires and surveys by friends/family? You'd have to tell the social media world all of your sordid details from who you were crushing on at the time to what your favourite eye shadow colour was (green, obvs!). Well, I LOVED writing them and reading them!

 So, since I've been a bit on the lazy side and not actually planned any acceptable posts I thought what better than to reminisce and tell you all some facts about me (and whilst we're at it, I'll call Cosmo mag and ask them to add a 'most disorganized blogger' section to their next blog awards - winner)?

Here goes!

1) In 2014 I did a charity skydive to raise money for Alzheimer's Society. With the help of friends/family (and a taxi driver) we raised over £700. It was one of the best things I've ever done!

2) My favourite book series is of course, Harry Potter (I'm a Gryffindor)!

3) I'm big on zodiac signs and I'm a typical Gemini

4) My most embarrassing moment was several years ago when I was caught singing and dancing to Crazy Frog on my street, by a very good looking man.. alone :')

5) My most used emoji is the 'laughing cry face' one

6) The first album I ever purchased with my own money was Kelly Clarkson's - Breakaway from Woolworths (RIP)

7) My most disliked food (apart from meat/fish because I don't eat either) is bell peppers. I think they're awful and spoil every meal they're in!

8) I'm a massive animal lover and would love to work with them one day #goals

9) I've been watching ASMR videos on YouTube for years as I find them super relaxing. Not everyone gets it but if you do - SO LUCKY!

10) My favourite YouTuber's at the moment are Lucy & Lydia

11) My biggest dislike is those who discriminate (whether it be against a; colour, religion, sexuality, gender, disability etc..). Think of all of the amazing friendships/opportunities you're missing out on by being that way!

12) I really love cheesy daytime TV (Supermarket Sweep, Come Dine With Me, Jeremy Kyle, 60 Minute Makeover etc..)

13) Going to the theatre is one of my favourite activities. My favourite shows to date are: Wicked, Les Miserables and Mcqueen: The Play

14) One of my most watched Disney films is Monsters University. I love it way more than Monsters Inc!

15) I own 100+ nail varnishes. They're probably my most purchased beauty product

16) I can't ride a bike (shh!)

17) My favourite memory was of my 21st birthday. It was a lovely day that my family and I cherish quite a bit!

18) My last holiday was a trip to Disneyland, Paris (last year) and I desperately want to go back!

19) My all time favourite Lush product is Cinders bath bomb (bring on Christmas)

20) My parents brought me up listening to Queen, Abba and The Beautiful South. They're some of my favourite bands to date!

21) I have no siblings but would have loved a little brother

22) I'm more of a savoury kinda gal (I'd pick a pizza over a chocolate cake any day of the week)

23) My favourite season is Autumn as everything is super cosy and colourful <3>

24) I have my tragus pierced and I love it!

25) Game Of Thrones is my favourite TV show of all time (and for those of you who watch it, I'm House Stark all the way)

26) I really want to go for a trip in a hot air balloon one day

27) When I was younger I swallowed a tooth and got really upset as I thought the tooth fairy wouldn't come. I wrote her a full on letter apologizing for my actions and pleading for her forgiveness. I woke up with a few pounds under my pillow the next morning. Thanks Mum ;)

28) I really don't like Ginger Beer

29) My celebrity crushes include; Joe Dempsie, Jensen Ackles, Nate Buzolic and Idris Elba 

30) I nearly drowned trying to save a mate from drowning in the Blue Lagoon, Malta. Bang goes my dream of being on Baywatch!

31) Geography was one of my favourite subjects at school and it's still something that really interests me now

32) I've never watched any of the Star Wars films

33) I once met the members of Busted backstage at one of their shows and had a legit fan girl/starstruck moment

34) I constantly go on the lookout for TV/film spoilers. I like to be prepared! It annoys everyone I know..

35) My first car was a Nissan Micra S but I've not driven for about 2-3 years

36) I really love Irish, Welsh and Australian accents *swoons*

37) It's actually impossible for me to tan. Melanin - where you at?

38) My parents were convinced I'd be a boy. If I was, I'd have been called Christopher John as opposed to Christina Marie

39) I started blogging back in 2009 because I was too shy to start a YouTube channel instead

40) It's my absolute dream to visit New York one day. I think I'd actually cry tears of joy if I ever got the chance to finally go one day!

41) I really love country music and I'm so upset it rarely ever gets played in the UK. Thank God for iTunes and YouTube! 

42) My favourite colour is Burgundy Red

43) I used to love driving past Harvey Nichols in London so that I could see the window display designs. They were especially great around Christmas time!

44) I'm addicted to grab machines in arcades and can't stop playing them until I win something (I once spent £30 trying to win a Tigger teddy because I couldn't give up)

45) I'm not actually into designers/fashion all that much but Alexander McQueen is one of the most talented and interesting artists I've ever seen! His story and shows fascinated me so much! It's such a shame he's no longer around!

46) I once danced on stage at the Lyceum Theatre in London (home to the The Lion King musical) despite not actually being able to dance... at all!

47) My all time favourite song is 'Dancing In The Moonlight' by Toploader. It reminds me of summertime as a child!

48) If I had of gone to uni I would have studied English Lit

49) I've been terrified of spiders ever since I found a massive one underneath my duvet cover a few years ago!

50) I once told a shopkeeper some facts about the royal family and he gave me five souvenir key rings in return for free - get in!

(Minny decided playing with the fairy lights was much more fun than photographing them)

So, there we have it! 50 facts about yours truly! I'd love to hear some interesting facts about you guys in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Abba and Queen are some of my faves as well!! Love this post, it's so cool to find out more about you! Tania xx

    1. Amazing bands! Thanks so much, Tania! Glad you enjoyed x

      Xtina G Says..

  2. Just found your blog and I love it! I also love autumn, it's definitely my favourite season!XX

  3. I was brought up on Abba too - it brings back so many memories of being in the car as a child! I also use the laughing crying face emoji far too much! Lovely post Christina :)

    Caz | This is Caz

    1. It's such happy music, isn't it? Brings back some good memories for me too! Thanks so much, Caz x

      Xtina G Says..

  4. It's so nice to find out a bit more about the fact behind a blog! I'm a huger Potter fan too - I wish there were more books! I'll also admit I'm partial to a bit of Jeremy Kyle myself...

    Musings & More

    1. Oh, deffo! I love these kinds of posts! I'm so excited about Fantastic Beasts coming out soon! Jeremy Kyle is a guilty pleasure, haha! x

      Xtina G Says..

  5. Oh my goodness babe, I'm so jealous you've met Busted! I'm going to see them in May! :') xx

  6. I loved reading this and feel all nostalgic about the days of filling these out endlessly. Great facts, the thought of finding a spider under my duvet terrifies me though!

    Amy -

  7. Ahh.. bebo,bebo,bebo!
    Those really were the days, I can relate to so many of your facts :) I'm a big come dine with me fan along with my eldest daughter and my youngest daughter loves a bit of country music! It's great to find out abit more about one of my fave bloggers x


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