Monday, 2 May 2016

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, London (Cat Café)!

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Now, as most of you will know - I'm a massive animal lover. I love domesticated animals, wild animals, ocean animals - you name it! However, if you had to ask me what my all time favourite animal was, I'd say 'cats' without a moments hesitation. 

So, imagine my excitement a few months ago when I was flicking through Glamour magazine and read that there had been a cat café opened in Shoreditch, London. My crazy cat lady senses went into overdrive and the excitement was too real to handle. Several months later (ahem, I procrastinate.. a lot) I finally got around to booking a table.

I thought I'd share with you some photos from my day in case you were ever in the area and fancied a visit one day too!

I looked online the night before my visit and luckily the café had an available booking for 12pm. The entrance fee was £6 per adult which I thought was extremely reasonable. This entitles you to an hour and a half with the cats.

When you arrive you are taken into a small room where you are given some basic rules about how to handle/not handle the cats. You're welcome to take as many photos as you want (without flash) and can order food/drinks off of their menu during your stay. 

There was a really generous selection of food/drinks for different people (meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans - you name it) and they were all really well priced. I ordered a roasted vegetable & hummus bagel which came with some ready salted crisps and a side salad as well as a pumpkin chai latte which was called 'The Wookie' after one of the cats at the emporium. My Mum went for a chicken & roquette bagel and a cranberry and chilli dark hot chocolate named after Petra. I thought it was so sweet that they had the cat's faces on the tops of the drinks (very Instagram worthy)! 

I also noticed that they serve afternoon tea which I'm definitely eager to try out soon!

Once our food was served we were allowed free reign of the café and got to pet all of the cats. The staff were so friendly and told us the cat's names, backgrounds and even introduced us to their favourite form of petting! There were loads of toys, beds and obstacle courses for the cats to play with and they all looked so content despite the café's growing numbers. It was also a great opportunity to get chatting with the other customer's as everyone was eager to mingle and play with the cats. If mingling isn't your thing, there was also a book case full of various books which you could sit down and read instead.

One thing in particular that made the day extra special was the addition of the new kittens; Victor, Peter, Wendy and Tink. They were all so beautiful and inquisitive (and one of them very nearly tripped up a waiter #cheeky)! It was also really fun to see Lizzie (the emporium's resident 'show off') have a go on her wheel - she was going for a good few minutes at a time (resulting in lots of cuddles and fuss afterwards)!

On our way out we had a little look at some of their cat related souvenirs which would make lovely gifts for all the other crazy cat ladies and gents out there! 

It was a purrfect day and I totally recommend visiting if you're ever in the area and fancy doing something a little different. The cats are so well looked after and it's lovely to see how much the staff dote on them. You can visit Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium website here!

What did you get up to this bank holiday weekend? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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