Sunday 5 June 2016

An Evening With Warner Brothers! #WBFathersDay

Hi guys!

I hope you're all doing well?

I don't know about you but I'm massively into film and television. So, when Emma at Fetch Publicity invited me to a bloggers event in partnership with Warner Brothers I quite literally jumped at the chance to go along!

Sunday 22 May 2016

50 Things That Make Me Happy!

Hi guys!

I hope you're all well?

I won't lie - 2016 has been a rough year for me so far. However, I'm a firm believer of the old Cherokee tale of 'Two Wolves' (I'll link it here if you've no idea what I'm on about - it's short, I promise) which loosely translates to 'you can let the bad thoughts win or the good thoughts win, it's your choice', so here I am getting on with life as best as I can given the circumstances.

Lately I've seen a few of these posts floating around and I thought it was such a lovely positive thing to read and write about. It makes you realize how important some of the smaller things in life actually are and it's great to see what different things mean to different people. 

So, here's a list of 50 little things that make me happy during the good times and the bad!

Saturday 14 May 2016

Review: theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette!

Hi guys!

I hope you're all well?

I love Twitter! It's a great way to make friends, keep in contact with your fave brands and share all of the sordid details of your life in 140 characters or less (oh, the struggle). However, it's also a great way to discover amazing giveaways.. and that's exactly what I did!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have won theBalm Cosmetics Twitter competition! The prize included their Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette which I'm super chuffed about. As I'd not tried the brand before this, I thought I'd share with you my thoughts and show you some swatches in case you were interested in checking them out!

So - meet Matt(e)!

Monday 2 May 2016

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, London (Cat Café)!

Hi guys!

I hope you're all well?

Now, as most of you will know - I'm a massive animal lover. I love domesticated animals, wild animals, ocean animals - you name it! However, if you had to ask me what my all time favourite animal was, I'd say 'cats' without a moments hesitation. 

So, imagine my excitement a few months ago when I was flicking through Glamour magazine and read that there had been a cat café opened in Shoreditch, London. My crazy cat lady senses went into overdrive and the excitement was too real to handle. Several months later (ahem, I procrastinate.. a lot) I finally got around to booking a table.

I thought I'd share with you some photos from my day in case you were ever in the area and fancied a visit one day too!

Saturday 30 April 2016

Review: Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo & Conditioner!

Hi guys!

I hope you're all well?

Now - I'd probably say that the majority of my monthly wages are spent on takeaways/some form of food... and when I'm not wasting money on fattening up my future, I'm splurging on hair care products instead.

I colour my hair monthly using home dye kits so I like to make sure my hair is as healthy as possible due to the strain I put on it. I'm constantly on the hunt for new shampoos, conditioners, hair masques/oils - you name it!

I was recently having a browse on the Boots website and came across the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay shampoo and conditioner (3 for 2) and thought I'd pick them up as they sounded pretty promising. Here's how I got on!

Sunday 24 April 2016

Getting My First Tattoo!

Hi guys!

I hope you're all well?

As some of you may have seen on my Twitter or Instagram, last month I got my very first tattoo! I've always loved tattoos and have wanted one for the longest time. However, I'm extremely indecisive and get bored of ideas very quickly (bad habit, soz). I knew that if I ever got one it would have to have some sort of special meaning so that I wouldn't regret having it done shortly after. 

After a few events which have happened in my life as of late, I finally had that 'YES x1000' moment where I automatically knew that this tattoo was the one that was going to stick! I took the plunge after a little pep talk from my lovely Twitter pal Stephanie and visited my local tattoo/piercing shop to discuss my possible design/booking!