Sunday, 5 June 2016

An Evening With Warner Brothers! #WBFathersDay

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I don't know about you but I'm massively into film and television. So, when Emma at Fetch Publicity invited me to a bloggers event in partnership with Warner Brothers I quite literally jumped at the chance to go along!

Although the event was in celebration of Father's Day, we were welcome to bring along a loved one of our choice (sadly, my cats were probably not included - although if it were up to Emma, I'm sure they would be #crazycatladies) to accompany us! Needless to say, 'Mother Hen' was my first choice and she gladly said yes to joining me. We were excited to find that we would be watching a private screening of the film 'Creed' which neither of us had seen beforehand.

So, on Thursday 2nd June we jumped into our Uber to the very fancy Warner Brothers Studios in Holborn, London for the evening. My first impression of Studios was 'woah, this is quite literally like a film set' (you know those cool AF offices in American films.. that kind). We were greeted at the front desk and given our passes into the studios. 

Before the screening we were given the chance to have some nibbles, drinks from the private bar and have a general look at all of the exciting upcoming Warner Bros films that were coming out in 2016 (Me Before You, Suicide Squad and The Conjuring 2 particularly excited me). It was also quite cool to see all of the props dotted around the rooms (like the Batman figure and Creed stand). 

After some photo ops and mingling we were taken through to an amazing private cinema which was quite literally the best cinema experience I've ever had. The seats were SO comfy and we had loads of room to chill out and relax. Warner Brothers very kindly welcomed us before the lights went out and Creed began.

Having not seen any of the Rocky films (which is what Creed was based off of), I had no idea what to expect. However, I've never felt adrenaline like it whilst watching a movie. It was action packed, feel good and even a little emotional during some parts. Mum and I were on the edge of our seats the entire time and even cheered once or twice during certain moments of the film because of how much we were enjoying it! Once the film ended I felt like I should probably take up some form of boxing (despite the fact I can't even open jar lids half of the time).

As we were leaving (reluctantly - because I could have easily slept in that studio) we were very kindly given a goodie bag filled to the brim with amazing Warner Brothers DVD's and our very own Creed scarf. I'm so excited to give all of them a watch as they all look amazing! When I got home I ordered Creed off of Amazon straight away so I could watch it again soon (and so that I could basically pretend to be in the movie without anyone other than my cats judging me - YOLO).

I had the loveliest evening at Warner Brothers studios and it was a fantastic experience spending the evening celebrating Father's Day with them at their wonderful studio. Thanks to Warner Brothers and Fetch Publicity for inviting Mum and I along!

What is your favourite Warner Bros film and will you be watching it on 19th June with your loved one's for a #WBFathersDay experience? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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