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Review: Arbonne Skincare!

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A while ago I was contacted by a lovely lady on behalf of a brand called Arbonne. I was asked if I'd be interested in finding out about the brand/trying a few of their products. Admittedly at the time I was unaware of the brand but decided to try the products out anyway.

I was sent the above full sized products based on my skin type (oily/combination). Here were my honest thoughts on the products.

Purifying Cleanser + Toner - £21

This product is said to be both a purifying cleanser and a toner all in one. A lightweight formula that cleanses, tones and visibly reduces oiliness for refreshed looking skin. 

I use one small squeeze of this product on a wet (damp) face. You work the product into the skin using circular motions until your face is nice and frothy. You then wash off with warm water as normal. I feel this product definitely gets rid of a lot of oil from my skin when used. However, because it can take a lot of moisture from the skin I would definitely make sure to moisturise after to avoid dry spots on the face. Because of this I've been using the product every other day as opposed to every day. I've found this gives a much better result to my skin.  

The cleanser + toner smells really fresh and fruity and is a lovely summery smelling scent. The £21 price tag does seem quite expensive at first glance but because it's both a cleanser and a toner all in one I do feel that justifies it. I also think I could get quite a lot of use out of the product due to it's size. However, I personally wouldn't rush out to re-purchase the item purely because I feel there are similar products on the market which may be cheaper but work just as well. 

Oil Absorbing Day Lotion (with SPF 20) -£33

This product was definitely my favourite of the two in which I was sent. As someone who constantly has a shine on (and not the good kind), I was very excited to try this 'oil absorbing lotion'. It claims to be a lightweight moisturiser which absorbs oil and leaves a matte appearance. It also has a built in sun protection in the form of SPF 20. 

I use about 2-3 small pumps of this lotion to cover my whole face and it sinks in really quickly. It's also a great base for applying face make-up too. My favourite thing about this product has got to be the sun protection aspect. I'm very fair in skin and burn really easily. I find that I always have to sacrifice looking like an oily sun protected mess or an unprotected red faced mess. However, during the past few (very sunny) weeks, this product has been a true 'face saver'. I've been out countless times wearing this product and have yet to burn my face.. hurrah! Because of this, this has been a 'go to' product as of late! 

The only thing I'm not massively keen on is the scent, it's fruity (much like the cleanser + toner) but I would personally prefer a non scented moisturiser. However, you can definitely get past that so it's not too much of an issue. I have very sensitive skin and it's not effected me in the slightest. Although the £33 price tag may not interest everybody, having tested this product I would re-purchase for my summer holidays for sure!

Overall, I've enjoyed trying out the Arbonne range and have found the customer service and positivity of the rep to be amazing and very positive. I also definitely appreciate the fact that the products are both vegan and cruelty free. I'm definitely going to try out other products from their range (particularly the cosmetics and fragrance section).

 Arbonne products are available to buy from the following countries; UK, USA, Canada, Poland and Australia. Goods can be purchased online or via a local representative. 

Let me know if you've tried any new skin care treats as of late?

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