Sunday, 3 April 2016

The Instagram Tag!

Hi guys!

I hope you're all well?

Back when I was in sixth form (sadly, this seems a long time away now) it was my absolute goal in life to become a photographer. Despite not having a fancy camera and having next to no Photoshop skills, this was the route I clearly wanted to go down. I would spend pretty much all of my free time snapping photos of 'pretty things' for my art coursework and Facebook page (obvs) and all of my friend's would end up sick of having their photograph taken off guard. Sadly, my love of photography didn't go any further than just a hobby but it's still something I enjoy doing in my free time even to this day.

So, when Instagram came about it was clear that I was always going to sign up. An online photography app with built in editing? Yes please! Needless to say, years later, it's definitely my favourite app! I saw 'The Instagram Tag' over on Kirsty Ralph's blog and just had to give it a go myself.

Here goes!

When did you create your Instagram account?

I signed up back in 2012 which seems like such a long time ago. However, I was pretty late on the bandwagon as I didn't own an iPhone when IG originally came about. It was one of the first apps I downloaded when I upgraded at the time.

What was the first picture you posted?

A photo of my beloved Casio watch and fake Alexander McQueen bracelet (and a hell of a lot of 'bokeh' editing and #hashtags.. eek!)

How many times do you log in a day/week?

I'm always logged in but I normally check my feed in the morning before work and again when I'm home. If I'm not up to much on the weekend I check it every few hours!

What is your worst picture?

Probably this one. Whilst passing my driving test was one of my biggest achievements, the pass form wasn't very 'Instagram worthy'...

Which picture has the most likes?

This selfie got 69 likes which has been my highest to date. It seems I should take trips to the hairdressers more often!

How many followers do you have? How many people are you following?

I currently have 487 followers and I'm following 591 people!

Show us your top 3 pictures?

Like Kirsty, I'm assuming this is based on my personal preference as opposed to number of likes received. So, I really like these 3 pictures:

The Brighton Wheel, Lush's 'The Magic of Christmas' bubble bar stick and my Disneyland Paris ticket!

What is the last picture on your Instagram feed?

I uploaded this photo this morning. It's of three 'Cafe de Bain' bubble bath products I'm trying it out. I thought the bottles were super pretty!

So, there we have it! I really loved doing this tag and would love to read your responses so I tag all of you to do it too!

Let me know your Instagram names below and if you want to head on over and check out my posts, click here!

Thanks for reading!

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